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To all members and clubs of the UK RC Laser Association

Well What a Year of NON sailing, Covid 19 has taken its toll on all the major events at the beginning of the year, with the other reprogrammed possibilities of the 2 North and South Area champs also, succumbing to the 2nd lockdown.

We are looking now at next year; the committee feels that we will still be under high levels of lockdown until May/June next year, so we are looking at the possibility of running events from June onwards. This will obviously depend on Government Guidelines, and we will have our own association restriction when at events.

The Open Championships, which was to be held this year, has been rescheduled to October 2021. A big thank you to Gosport Model Boat Club for this.

Due to the lack of sailing this year and event prizes required, your committee has decided to not charge the current 2020 members for next year, meaning there will be no annual fee for 2021.

We were thinking of having a Zoom AGM, but the complexity of trying to run such a meeting (I have witnessed several that failed very badly). We will leave it to next year when we can do it in person.

So your committee will remain the same for 2021:

President                                           Nigel Seary

Chairman                                           Roger White

Southern Rep                                    Roger White

Membership Sec                              Dave Fowler

Racing Sec                                         Dave Fowler

Association Sec                                 Amy Brown

Treasurer                                           Alan Tickle

Sailing Events                                    John Armstrong

Northern Rep                                    Robert Wheeler

Trophies                                             Skip Reasor

Web Master                                      Amy Brown


That’s it from Me, Have a Happy Christmas & New Year, and maybe we will get back on the water Covid allowing.


GBR 840




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Confirmed TT Events for 2021

Poole - 3rd October

Gosport  - 23rd to 24th October 

Sheppy - 13th November 

Burwain - 12th December