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Nationals Report Soon,

Top 5

1st Shaun Holbeche

2nd Dave Fowler

3rd John Sharman

4th Tony Wilson

5th Ian Sinclair

2023 TT Results

1st Shaun Holbeche

2nd Dave Fowler

3rd John Armstrong

Membership Fee Update

At our last committee meeting (Fleetwood TT) we have decide to try a new strategy with the membership fee, for a Trial period of 5 years, there is to be a 1 off joining fee, which current 2022 members paid, so if you paid the association fee in Jan 2022 onwards you are a member for the next 5 years minimum. and this 1 off joining fee of £8.00 will apply to all new registered boat owners and re-joining members from before Jan 2022.

If you enter in the 2023 Nationals at Fleetwood the non members joining fee will be £5.00 for the same period.

It has been a difficult time for the laser committee since covid which has hit some of us very hard with lasting effects.

The new membership sec has had Internet provider issues for over a year unable to send out reminders.

I was looking to retire from the committee in 2019 after the Europeans but again due to covid this didn't happen, but I am retiring from the RC Laser Committee after Poole TT .

So there is an opening for the Racing Sec and web master. if your interested please email me or the chair .


Hi All,
We are in the process of getting this years TT list ready, there are a few clubs we are still waiting for a response from, and this years primary Nationals club has priced them self's out of the market, so we are currently looking for a new venue, If have any suggestions please email me. 

The committee decided there will be no TT before the finish of the DF 95 Global event in May to allow the UK helms that sail both classes to concentrate on the event. and we wish them good luck in the event.


Were sorry that there have been no TT events at the beginning of this year, below are the only 2 clubs that have offered us events.



Fleetwood  -  Sunday 18th June 2023 email Derek to enter

Poole  -  Sat 12th Aug 2023  please see Calendar for NOR and Entry form

See you on the Water, Dave GRB 840


High All, Nationals report now on the web site Link,
We are going to be doing a few updates to this site over the next few weeks.
Which will include a link to PayPal to pay your subs.
Dave GBR 840.  01/03/23.

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