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About Us

What does the association do?

The UK class association was started in order to encourage class growth in the UK and to strengthen the sport's base through the introduction of new blood. The 'ready-to-sail' strict one design concept of the RC Laser offers the most potential in achieving that goal.

The association pulls together the community of RC Laser skippers in the UK. In doing so it provides skippers with opportunities of meeting together to exchange views, hints and tips on getting the most out of their boats and above all pit their skills against each other in the challenging sport of one design rc yacht racing.

Through the association skippers are also given the opportunity to race in other countries at International level should they wish to do so. We have several countries holding their own National events. I Europe we now have international event, the first was held in France in 2016, the next will be in Germany in 2018. That has also been 3 Championships of Nations held, First in the UK 2013, second Holland 2015 and the lastest in Australia 2017, the next will be in France in 2019.

What does it cost to become a member?

The annual membership fee is currently just £8.00 pa Adults. and free for U18

Why should I join?

In joining the association you are protecting your investment - a healthy class association means that boats are more likely to retain their value. More importantly you will be helping secure the class as one of the most popular radio racing yacht classes in the UK.

How do I join?

You may download an application/order form in PDF or you may e-mail the association for further details.

Who are the officials?

The association's President is European RC Laser importer Nigel Seary. Nigel is a full size Laser skipper and keelboat sailor when not running his family business. He is also a pretty nifty RC Laser skipper too.

Dave Fowler is the Racing Secretary and he was very active in the Merlin Rocket class of dinghy before becoming an RC Laser skipper.

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