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Based in the UK nationwide. We welcome all ages and abilities for RC Sailing. Please feel free to contact us and ask any questions about RCLaser. We run events throughout the year in all weather.

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Jan 9

New Member Sean Carter RCLaser1107


Edited: Jan 9

Hello I am a very new owner of RCLaser 1107 and I am a member of Cardiff Bay Yacht Club http://www.cbyc.co.uk/ where I hope to develop a new fleet this year. There is a lot of interest within the club and I think a great venue for RC Laser sailing. Just letting people know that we exist and have nil experience so far but willing to learn. A couple of pics of me sailing by the visitors pontoon. Sean Carter




Hi Sean I belong to the Medway Yacht Club and sail RC Lasers during the winter there was 15 boats out at one of our recent Sunday morning meetings I am not a racer myself but there is great completion to win the winter series of races

Sep 2Edited: Sep 2

New member - Saltire. I haven't sailed an RC Laser yet, but having recently moved to Helensburgh I'm going down to Rhu Marina one Thursday afternoon. Maybe somebody will give me a shot of theirs.👍

I am an ex-Laser sailor. Here I am off Lee-on-Solent in 1984:



If I buy an RC Laser I might name her Abracadabra, after my old Laser which still sails under new ownership at Strathclyde Loch Sailing Club or Salt Ire - a boat that prefers fresh water.😉


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